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The Embedder / De-embedder APP is a high quality multi-format audio embedder/de-embedder... more
Product information "Embed Deembed"

The Embedder / De-embedder APP is a high quality multi-format audio embedder/de-embedder application. This APP is available per processing channel.


This APP embeds up to 16 mono audio channels into the SDI output. The APP can be fed by any channel from any processed video or external audio input. The embedder can also embed DolbyE signals which in conjunction with the Frame Synchronizer APP will always maintain the DolbyE Guardband.


Embedding audio into an HD-SDI and 3G-SDI stream is always done in 24bit resolution. When embedding into SD-SDI, 24bit embedding is activated by default, but can be de-activated reducing the embedding to 20bit resolution. This may be required to satisfy a non-standard compliant SDI de-embedder.


The APP is also a versatile multi-format audio de-embedder which can extract all 16 audio channels (8 x AES) from the incoming SDI signal. The AES signals are fed through Sample Rate Converters (SRCs) to synchronize the audio to the video reference. The de-embedded audio can be output to the external audio outputs or embedded into the outgoing video.


Audio Crossbar

Select the stereo channels for the embedders or the external audio channels with the intuitive checkered crossbar in the greenGUI software. The mono-controls are also accessed this way, to easily fix erroneous Left/Right channels from the input, for example.



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