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The Scaler APP is a high quality broadcast video up/down/cross converter, which allows a broad... more
Product information "Scaler"

The Scaler APP is a high quality broadcast video up/down/cross converter, which allows a broad range of conversion and scaling possibilities. It is available per processing channel.

The APP has a powerful Region of Interest (ROI) functionality that allows the user to extract a specific region of the incoming video and to be displayed as a full format SDI output. The size of the output video can also be configured.

In addition to the ROI feature, the Scaler APP can convert from any supported input format to any supported output format. In combination with the high quality DeInterlace APP Extension, the converter offers pristine conversion quality for interlaced input signals.

If the input frame rate does not match the frame rate of the reference signal (which determines the output frame rate), the input signal will be automatically frame rate converted through a simple drop & repeat mechanism.

Settings & Features:


  • Control Mode: The converter can be configured manually or automatically by the incoming format description of the SDI:
    • AFD (Active Format Description)
    • WSS (Wide Screen Signaling)
    • VI (Video Index)
  • Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio can be selected as 4:3 or 16:9
  • Cropping: The area of the input signal, which should be shown on the output (Region Of Interest, ROI), can be defined in steps of 1 line respectively 1 pixel.
  • Output Format: The output format can be selected which allows the converter to automatically convert to this format independently from the input signal format. This also includes conversions from progressive to interlaced formats and to and from formats with segmented frames (psF). For conversions from interlaced to progressive format, the APP-Extension DeInterlace is available.
  • Simple FRC: In the case the input frame rate does not match the frame rate of the reference signal, the virtual LED shows that the scaler is working in “Simple Frame Rate Conversion” Mode.
  • Conversion Mode: There are predefined conversion modes available:
    • pillar box/letter box - fits the aspect ratio of the input signal horizontally or vertically into the output image area with black bars at the top and bottom or left and right of the image.
    • center cut - cuts  the  center  portion  of  the  input  signal  and  fills the output image area.
    • 14:9 conversion - distorts (stretches) the input image to fit the available 14:9 HD/ 3GBit/s image area.
    • stretch to fill - distorts (stretches) the image to fit the available output image area.




  • Output Sizing: The output image can be resized horizontally and vertically.
  • Format Description: The converter can insert the format description information corresponding to the conversion mode as AFD, WSS and/or VI.

 Available APP-Extension: DeInterlace (Interlace to progressive conversion)

Available in:

  • gM callisto: initial version with greenGUI initial version an above
  • gM titan: initial version (in titanUHD mode - one 12G processing path), Scaler 4k Extension required with greenGUI 2.0.0 and above


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