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Product information "SwitchOver"


The SwitchOver APP is a two source changeover switch which can be automatically triggered when an input fails or manually triggered.

The switch can be configured to switch manually from an external GPI input trigger or from the control system GUI. When configured for emergency switching the module will automatically switch when the main input fails. This can be set to latch permanently or switch back automatically when themain input returns.

The SwitchOver APP can be added at the input or the output of any processing channel. Placed at the output, together with the FrameSynchronizer APP it can enable clean switching between two video feeds. Placed on the input and output it can enable emergency switching with two backups.

Available Settings

The following settings are available per instance of the APP.

  • Backup Source: select the source to be used as backup.
  • Trigger Control: select the triggering mode desired. The following modes are available:
    • Automatic: when the Master video path is detected as missing, the Backup path is used. As soon as valid video is detected on the Master video path, the Master path is used.
    • Automatic latched: when the Master video path is detected as missing, the Backup path is used. Even when valid video is detected on the Master video path, the Backup path is still used.
    • GPI 1/2: use one of the two GPI inputs to trigger the switch to the backup source.
    • Manual: see below.
  • Manual Switch: when the trigger control is set in manual mode, you can use this control parameter to manually switch to your backup source. This parameter enables you also to monitor the switching in all trigger control modes.


Main Applications

Emergency Switch

The main idea of the SwitchOver is to define a Backup for a video stream in case the main feed should fail. With the callisto greenMachine and the SwitchOver APP used at the input, it is possible to define a separate backup for both outputs or the same backup for both outputs.

Clean Switch

To enable clean switching between two video sources, you need to make sure both sources of the SwitchOver APP are perfectly synchronized.

If your two video signals have the same video standard, you can already use the clean switch by adding two FrameSynchronizer APPs: triggering it via GPI, the greenGUI, the local GUI on your greenMachine or automatically when the master video signal is missing.

In case your input video signals have different video standards, you can further use a Scaler APP on the processing path that doesn’t have the required standard.

Problem Solving


  • One main camera controlled by a cameraman. This should be the main feed.
  • One fixed camera showing an overview “Backup 1”.
  • One looped Video “Backup 2”.

If the main camera is failing “Backup 1” should be shown, and if this is failing “Backup 2” should be shown.


This can be realized with a greenMachine callisto and two instances of the SwitchOver APP, one at the output and one at the input.

Required Versions:

  • greenMachine callisto: v789 and above
  • greenGUI: 1.2.0 and above